Verifying the Unity Prop Smart Contract

Compile contracts locally

Clone the repository and enter the directory:

git clone
cd cw-unity-prop
git checkout v0.3.0
docker run --rm -v "$(pwd)":/code \
--mount type=volume,source="$(basename "$(pwd)")_cache",target=/code/target \
--mount type=volume,source=registry_cache,target=/usr/local/cargo/registry \
Optimizing cw_unity_prop.wasm ...
Creating hashes ...
3481e613b412706204124ce081ac9cba18eb044d5c78c922e55e162e411d4b47 cw_unity_prop.wasm
Info: sccache stats after build

Verifying the contract code on chain

The contract has already been deployed on chain. You can view it on MintScan here.

// UnityContractByteAddress is the bytes of the public key for the address of the Unity contract
// $ junod keys parse juno1nz96hjc926e6a74gyvkwvtt0qhu22wx049c6ph6f4q8kp3ffm9xq5938mr
// human: juno
// bytes: 5BEF9E5318ED6716A11179C70B06656E9FB91D241A1C594F344B325D9110D94C
const UnityContractByteAddress = "5BEF9E5318ED6716A11179C70B06656E9FB91D241A1C594F344B325D9110D94C"
junod q wasm contract juno1nz96hjc926e6a74gyvkwvtt0qhu22wx049c6ph6f4q8kp3ffm9xq5938mr --node
address: juno1nz96hjc926e6a74gyvkwvtt0qhu22wx049c6ph6f4q8kp3ffm9xq5938mr
admin: ""
code_id: "253"
created: null
creator: juno1cdqa6wd7fyxx4nq3fh630zsvjrwqj9tgea6npm
extension: null
ibc_port_id: ""
label: Juno Unity Prop v0.3.0
junod q wasm code 253 cw_unity_prop.wasm --node
shasum -a 256 cw_unity_prop.wasm --node
3481e613b412706204124ce081ac9cba18eb044d5c78c922e55e162e411d4b47  cw_unity_prop.wasm


A service provided by Mintscan allows code to be uploaded by third parties for them to validate that contracts deployed on chain match the code found on GitHub and is uploaded to their storage medium.

More info on verifying smart contracts



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